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Our Story

MasterChefUK changed my life.


I was born in Poland, where I graduated from The University of Szczecin, with Master's degree in Architecture and Spatial Planning. I came to London in 2006 to experience working in large practices before taking to art full time.

Ever since I can remember art has been a big part of my life...but so was food. I made a brave decision to swap my brushes for cooking utensils.


After starring in MasterChef UK 2022 (series 18) and making the Quarter Finals I decided to pursue a career as chef.

Being in the MasterChef kitchen taught me that hard work and resilience are key points to be successful chef.

Positive feedback from John Torode and Gregg Wallace boosted my confidence and made me believe in myself.

I launched Evy's Menu in January 2022 and since then I have catered for numerous dinner parties, bespoke events and celebration parties.

I provide a 100% bespoke service and all my dishes and menus are designed around my clients and their guests.

I am dedicated to sharing my passion for good food through selection of the finest ingredients, flawless presentation and attention to detail

Raspberry Macaroons
Salmon Fillet
Seafood Ceviche
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